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A little help?



Hello. I was on facebook when I saw a post of a backpacker asking for help in funding his backpacking trip using the gofundme website. Upon going through the website, I saw lists and lists of people asking for funding of various activities so I’ve thought, why not give this site a try.

SAKADAB is a group of people I met and lived with during my volunteer mission in Davao City last 2012. Since then, I’ve been looking for possible donors that will help them with their needs like food (a sack of rice goes a long way for them!), school supplies for the kids, and medical needs. They helped me learn valuable lessons in life so why not pay them back by helping them start anew?

Having said these, I hope y’all can help me achieve my goal of providing for them. Spread the link. Please and many thanks!






Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

I’ve been meaning to post a story of my experience in a far, far away land where the mother and child in the photo lives but since I’m lazy and Happy Mother’s Day posts are all over facebook, here’s a quickie post instead.

So to all the mothers, feeling mothers, acting mothers, and even dads being mothers, happy mother’s day to you. I salute you all. To my mom, I know I’m not sweet and expressive but I love you with all of my heart.


I haven’t been…

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

– Susan Sontag


Valenzuela City Mayor sending text messages like this.

…I’m not even from Valenzuela.